My Glory, the Cross

But God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ… —Galatians 6: 14

If you possess anything of value, God gave it to you. Sometimes people waste the gifts God has entrusted to them, using them for their own glory instead of for His. And people often boast of their talent, as if they had given it to themselves. But you can't boast in something that has been given to you. 

Boast and glory in the cross. It says how much Jesus Christ loves you and me.

Why then are we told to glory in the cross of Jesus Christ? First of all, we boast in the cross because it speaks to us of the extent of God's love for us. It reminds us of how far God was willing to go—and did go—in order to help us, to save us, and to bless us. We glory in the cross because it was on the cross that Jesus conquered Satan and freed us from sin so that we could enjoy fellowship with God. It is through the cross that we have victory over the flesh and the grave. 

So we glory in the cross of Jesus Christ for bringing us deliverance, an abundant life, and the hope of eternal life in heaven. 

God forbid that I should glory in anything except the cross of Jesus! There is no other name by which we have been saved; no other name which has brought us such great freedom and victory. 

Father, we give thanks that You loved us so much You sent Your Son who redeemed us from the bondage of corruption that we might know You and live in eternal fellowship with You. 
In Jesus' name, amen.