The Believer's Walk

See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise… —Ephesians 5: 15

The fool kills time. He wastes the precious moments God has given him, passing through life with little or no thought to what he is doing with the time entrusted to him. 

But the wise man walks circumspectly. He redeems the time. The wise man wants to know God's will for His life, for this is the most important knowledge that you can ever attain. The fool stumbles through life blindly, never knowing why he exists and never really caring. He just lives for the moment with no thought of eternity. 

To walk circumspectly is to know the will of the Lord.

To walk circumspectly is to be filled with the Spirit. The foolish man clouds his mind with wine, dulling and numbing himself to the things that matter. But the wise man is filled with the Spirit, which sharpens his mind on the things of the Spirit. His desire is to walk according to the will of the Lord; to have his life follow precisely the plan and purpose for which God created him. 

God's will is for us to give thanks always and for all things (1 Thessalonians 5: 18). But I can only give thanks to God in all things if I understand and realize that all things are working together for good. 

Knowing His will and being filled with His Spirit helps us walk in the way He has called us to walk—circumspectly, wisely, always giving thanks in every circumstance, making the most of every opportunity—all to His glory. 

Father, help us to consider what You have done and who You are, and give thanks 

unto You continually for all things through Your Son, Jesus Christ.