God's Army

Then the Lord said to Gideon, "By the three hundred men who lapped I will save you, and deliver the Midianites into your hand."
—Judges 7: 7

God thinned the troops in order to get men He could use for His glory. Eventually, from the 32,000 men who answered Gideon's call, only 300 remained. God disqualified the majority in two ways: He eliminated those who were fearful, and those who were careless.

Fearful men run in the midst of the battle, and they can infect others with their fear.

God knows that fear is born when we focus on the problem or on the power of the enemy.

Two-thirds of Gideon's army went home after this first cut, leaving 10,000 men. So God said, "Gideon, the men with you are still too many. Take them to the stream and observe how they drink. All who get down on their knees and put their face in the water are disqualified." Only 300 cupped the water with their hands, as they kept a watchful eye. God had found His army.

Today, God seeks men who are fearless and alert. Fearlessness that is borne of faith results in keeping your eyes upon God. He is also looking for men who are aware and alert to the war around them. Men who, even when involved in the necessities of life— whether it be drinking water or working on the job— are always aware of the larger issues, the spiritual battle in which we are all engaged.

Father, help us to go forth in faith without concern, knowing that if You are for us, no man can stand against us. May we be used in the accomplishing of Your purposes and Your will. Amen.