Touched by God

And Saul also went home to Gibeah; and valiant men went with him, whose hearts God had touched.
—1 Samuel 10:26

What does it mean to have your heart touched by God? It means that God is now at the center of your will and your being. It means that you have surrendered your life in totality unto Him.

How does God touch your heart? He does so by the gentle influence of His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit leads us to the Word of God, and through the Scriptures, God touches our hearts. Once the Holy Spirit begins to illumine your mind, it is amazing how glorious and exciting and wonderful the Bible becomes.

When God touches your heart, bitterness, anxiety and fears have to go. They can't stay in a heart that has been touched by God. Habits and vices that were destroying your life fall away. Things you used to cherish, you now despise. Things you used to despise, you now cherish.

When God touches your heart, it fills with love and peace. Though the storms may rage, you have a glorious confidence in God's ability to control life's circumstances.

Jesus surrounded Himself with a group of men whose hearts He had touched—men who went out and turned a world upside down. When God touches your heart, you will receive a whole new perspective. You stop living just for today and you begin living for eternity.

Thank You, Father, for Your Holy Spirit who touches our hearts and challenges us through the Word. Touch the hearts of Your people today.