Call Upon the Lord

Call upon His name… —1 Chronicles 16:8

What is the name of our Creator? "God" is not His name; it is His title. When the Hebrew name for God was translated into our English text, it was translated L-O-R-D with all capitals. But "Lord" is also a title, so people have become confused. They think that "Lord" is His title, and "God" is His name. But His name is actually Yahweh, or Jehovah.  

The name Jehovah is a verb in Hebrew meaning "to be" or literally "the becoming one." It is the name by which God chose to reveal Himself to us, the I Am, the Becoming One, as God becomes to you whatever you might need. I am your healer—Jehovah-rapha. I am your provider—Jehovah-jireh. I am your peace—Jehovah-shalom. I am your salvation—Jehovah-shua.

The name Jehovah-shua was shortened to Jehoshua, then shortened further to Yashua. In the Greek, Yashua is Jesus. So Jesus is the name of our God. He is Jehovah-shua. He is the One who has saved us from our sins. He has become our Savior.  

God has given to Him a name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus, Yashua, every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that He is Lord.

Call upon His name—but not just in the time of need. Call upon Him continually, day by day, because He is the Lord of your life, and because you want to do His will, and above all else, because you love Him.  

Father, we are so thankful that You have called us into this covenant relationship with You. May we bring glory to Your precious name. Amen.