Choose Your Path Carefully

Nevertheless they will be his servants, that they may distinguish My service from the service of the kingdoms of the nations. —2 Chronicles 12:8

When Rehoboam led the people to forsake the Lord and serve other gods, God's response was, "You don't want to serve Me? Okay, I will let you see what it is like to serve the kingdoms of the countries around you. I'll let you experience the heavy bondage of serving other gods."  

Many today live solely to serve their own pleasure.

People haven't changed. Living for the moment, they have become slaves to the passions of their flesh. If these people only knew where their chosen path would lead, I believe they'd choose another path. When Jesus called us to follow Him, He said, "My yoke is easy, and My burden is light." That cannot be said concerning the yoke that comes upon the person who has chosen to live after his own flesh.  

God has never asked me to do a single thing that would harm me. He has never asked me to give up anything that was beneficial to me. The only things that God has asked me to give up were those things that would ultimately destroy me. And in serving God, He never requires anything of me except that which He has given me the power and capacity to fulfill.  

You choose the god you will serve. Take a look at the end of the path that you are walking on. Does it lead to life or death?  

Father, give us that wisdom that will cause us to look down the road and see where the path is leading before we embark upon our journey. In Jesus' name, amen.