The God of Hope

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace… —Romans 15:13

Sociologists, looking for a connection between hope and survival, performed an interesting experiment with Norwegian wharf rats. One group of rats was put in a vat in which water sprinkled down on them continuously so they couldn't roll over and float. These rats survived an average of seventeen minutes before drowning. Those in the second group were removed just before drowning. A few days later, they were put back in the water. This time, the rats survived an average of thirty-six hours. The difference between seventeen minutes and thirty-six hours is hope.  

When we walk through dark or fearful moments, it is our hope for the future that sustains us.

We gain strength from the knowledge that we will not be here forever, that Jesus will return soon to deliver us from this evil world. Though it is hard to be patient, we wait expectantly for the joy of seeing Him face to face, and the blessing of reigning with Him when He establishes His glorious kingdom upon the earth.  

Jesus was sent on a mission by the Father: He came to bring us peace, comfort, and hope. By going to the cross and taking our sins upon Himself, He made peace with God possible. By walking in human flesh, He comforts us with an understanding of our condition. By securing our eternal future, He provides us with the hope of heaven.  

Thank You, Father, for that peace that passes human understanding by which our hearts and lives are kept. Help us understand how amazing it is that You loved us that You gave Your Son to bring hope, comfort, and peace. In Jesus' name, amen.