On Eagles' Wings

Thus you shall say to the house of Jacob, and tell the children of Israel; "You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles' wings and brought you to Myself. Now therefore, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be a special treasure to Me above all people; for all the earth is Mine. And you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation." —Exodus 19:3-6

An eagle builds its nest high up on the wall of a cliff. When the time comes for an eaglet to learn to fly, the mother flutters over the nest, flaps her wings, and pushes the young eagle out. That little eaglet begins spinning and tumbling toward the rocks below. Just when you think that poor bird is going to be destroyed, the mother swoops underneath, picks it up on her wings, and carries it back to the nest. Lesson one is over. But the lesson will be repeated over and over, until the eaglet learns to fly. 

We feel very comfortable and secure in the nest. We don't like it when God kicks us out and we begin tumbling. We think, "Surely I'm going to be destroyed." 


God delivered you and me from the bondage of living a life after the flesh. He bore us up on eagles' wings, bringing us to Himself, and He has made us His special treasure. 

Father, how grateful we are that we are Your children, 

that You have brought us on eagles' wings to Yourself. 

We want to be Your special treasure, bringing forth good works

 for Your glory. Amen.