ou have indeed defeated Edom, and your heart has lifted you up. Glory in that, and stay at home; for why should you meddle with trouble so that you fall—you and Judah with you? —2 Kings 14:10

Amaziah had just defeated Edom. Feeling prideful, he challenged Joash, the king of Israel, to come out and fight. Joash's advice to the younger king was, "Why should you meddle to your own hurt?"  

But Amaziah continued his challenge until Joash brought his troops, defeated Amaziah's army, and came to the city of Jerusalem, where he broke through a section of wall and took the gold and silver he found there. He then took hostages and returned to Israel.  

Meddling will only bring defeat.

Great spiritual victories can leave us vulnerable, because we walk away from those victories feeling like we can conquer the world. The truth is, apart from Christ, we are helpless in this spiritual battle.  

Like Amaziah, some of you are meddling where you have no business meddling. Perhaps it is with drugs and alcohol. Maybe you are married but flirting with someone, or maybe you're unmarried and have begun to meddle with sex. Don't fool yourself. Meddling breaks walls and destroys defenses, which makes it easier for the enemy to attack you in that same place later. And meddling brings the loss of innocence and purity.  

But God is a restorer. If you turn to Him today, He can rebuild your defenses and restore your purity.  

Thank You, Lord, for lifting us up when we have fallen. Thank You for restoring the treasures that had been ripped off by our encounter with the world.  In Jesus' name, amen.