The Fear of the Lord

Do not let your heart envy sinners, but be zealous for the fear of the Lord all the day… 

—Proverbs 23:17

Satan always paints the life of sin as exciting and enjoyable. If you take that picture at face value, it is easy to envy those engaged in the pleasures of sin. But you have to look further. 

You have to compare the end result of a  life of wickedness 

with the end  result of a life of righteousness.

Life can end with death and eternal separation from God; or it can be rewarded with eternal life with God in heaven. Instead of envying sinners, we're told in this proverb that we're to walk in the fear of the Lord all day long. Some have a wrong idea about the fear of the Lord. They think it's the same fear that grips your heart when you suddenly spot a red-and-blue flashing light in your rearview mirror. But that is the wrong kind of fear. 

The right kind of fear is what you would feel if you were about to give a speech before the President of the United States. You would wonder, "Is my suit pressed? Is my speech appropriate?" 

If we would be awed to appear in front of the President, how much more so should we feel awed in the presence of the God who created the universe? Wise is the man or woman who fears the Lord— and uses that fear to live a life pleasing to Him. 

Father, help us to have enough wisdom to look down the road to see where the path is leading us. 

Give us the wisdom to turn from our sin and commit our lives to following Jesus.

In His name we pray, amen.