Touching Jesus

When she heard about Jesus, she came behind Him in the crowd and touched His garment. For she said, "If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well." —Mark 5:27-28

This woman believed that Jesus had power. She was convinced that if she could touch even the hem of His garment, she would be healed of her plague. However, obstacles blocked her way. The crowd thronged Him, pushing, shoving, moving Jesus along. But her own desperation and determination pushed the woman through that crowd until she finally got close enough. Reaching out, she grabbed the one thing within her reach—the hem of His garment.  

Suddenly Jesus stopped and asked, "Who touched My clothes?"  

Many in the crowd had pressed against Jesus, but only one made contact with Him.

Maybe you are part of the crowd. You're pressing in on Jesus, but not really touching Him. That is not sufficient. It is not enough.  

When Jesus touches you, He brings love, healing, deliverance, power, and life. He wants to give you all those things. He wants to bring what you need and what you long for. He wants to heal your wounds, fill you with His love, deliver you from the power of darkness, and enable you to live the life you were created to live.  

Oh, how we need the touch of Jesus in our lives! I encourage you to push through the crowd and get in touch with Jesus today. Reach out in faith and touch Him now. Let Him touch you in return. In the moment you make contact with Him, you will find the healing, deliverance and help you need.  

Jesus, may we reach out to You today and be delivered from the things that plague us. Touch us, Lord.