The Tragedy of Unbelief

And when they heard that He was alive and has been seen by her, they did not believe. —Mark 16:11

The tomb was empty. The stone was rolled away. And Jesus, who had triumphed over Hell and the grave, had risen to life again. 

They should have anticipated His resurrection. Hadn't he told them over and over again that He would be crucified, but that He would rise again on the third day? You would think on that third day they would have been exhilarated and waiting with anticipation. But when Mary comes to them with the life changing news, they don't believe her. Doubt keeps them in tears. And they continue mourning for One who is no longer in the grave. 

Unbelief brings tragedy.

Adam did not believe God’s statement, so he ate the fruit and brought sin and death into the world. The people in Noah's day did not believe his warnings, so the flood came and they were destroyed. Because the children of Israel did not believe that God we would drive out the inhabitants of the land, they perished in the wilderness. 

What is unbelief costing you today—peace of mind? A joyful heart? Are you fretting over circumstances or because you feel your life is out of control, even though scripture tells you not to worry? Are you disbelieving God's promises, God's power, and God's love for you? 

May God give us faith to trust and believe—regardless of the circumstances, regardless of our feelings. 

Father, give us the faith to rely on Your promises and Your character knowing that You are sovereign, mighty, powerful and loving. Remind us daily that You are still on the throne. Amen.