Living In Expectancy

I AM CONVINCED that God intended for every generation to believe Jesus is coming in their time. Why? Because He wants us to live in the expectancy of His return.

When we believe His coming is imminent, we feel an urgency to bring the gospel to the world. The realization that time is short motivates us to fulfill the commission Jesus left us.

Keep your every touch with the world as light as possible. 

The awareness of His imminent return also gives us the right perspective concerning worldly things. When you know that the curtain on this life could close at any moment, and the curtain to eternity could lift in the blink of an eye, it helps you keep a light touch on worldly things. You are not as apt to put down roots here. You are not as likely to become materialistic.

Anticipating the return of Jesus has a purifying effect on our individual lives and on the church as a whole. When He comes, we don’t want to be engaged in an activity that is contrary to His wishes. We want to be busy building up the kingdom, busy using what He’s given us for His glory. We don’t want to waste our time indulging in sorrow or in pleasure. We don’t want to waste time amassing possessions. 

Time is short, and the world is passing away. Give yourself, your time, your energies, and your resources to things that are eternal. Live for the kingdom of God, and live forever.

Lord, guard us from getting so deeply involved in temporal things that we don’t have time for the eternal. Give us the wisdom to redeem our days.
In Jesus’ name, amen